Friday, December 13, 2013

Think it's been cold? The numbers say you're right

It's been cold so far this winter season.

I realize winter doesn't officially begin until next week, but tell that to anyone who shivered in 20-degree temperatures last month. In reality, our winter weather arrived in mid-November, with two straight mornings of 21-degree lows.

Since then, it's been more of the same.

The overall average temperatures in November and December have been a bit below average, but that's because we had a couple of very mild days, such as last Friday's mid 70s.

Last year, looking at the period from Nov. 1 through Dec. 12, Charlotte had six days with morning lows in the 20s. All of those came in November, as early December was quite mild. The lowest temperature during that period was 21 degrees.

This year, that same period has produced 14 days in the 20s or colder. It actually dropped to 19 degrees on Nov. 25 and 28, and it was 20 degrees on Tuesday morning this week.

The obvious question is whether this is a sign of things to come in January and February, the heart of winter. Don't bet on it necessarily.

Weather tends to follow patterns that last for several weeks.  So, following that theory, it might remain quite cold into January and perhaps beyond.

But remember three winters ago. Temperatures were well below seasonal averages from early December until Valentine's Day. Then, like someone flicked a switch, it got warmer. In fact, the latter part of February and March produced some of the warmest weather Charlotte has seen at that time of year.

Another shot of cold air is looming for Christmas week, so it appears safe to say that December will finish as a chilly month. What happens in January remains a big question mark.


Anonymous said...

So, put another log on the fire, bring another cup of thick, heavily spiked eggnog, a pack of Camels, and let me open that gift of underwear!

Anonymous said...

Probably be around 65-70 on Christmas day.

Cool Modern Guy said...

Awesome dud. .I plan to wear my little boy shorts, "Cam" T shirt, and NASCAR rainbow spaceman sunglasses on top of my shaved head and be "cool" on this day. Show off my tattooed arms, neck and legs.