Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No ice storm, but cold rain ahead

You'll be hearing a lot in the next few days about a very strong arctic high pressure system that is barreling southward into the United States.

The good news for the Carolinas is that the heart of the cold is taking aim at the Midwest. That will prevent our region from being hit with an ice storm. Unfortunately, residents in the South Central United States might not be so lucky.

The arctic high is bring very cold weather and an amazingly abrupt change in conditions.

An example: Dallas could hit 80 degrees today. Freezing rain and temperatures near 30 degrees are forecast for Friday. The ice storm is expected across north Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, western Tennessee and possibly parts of Kentucky.

Earlier this week, the Carolinas seemed to be a possible target of freezing rain. But computer models now indicate not enough of the really cold air will spill across the mountains. It will turn much colder this weekend, but not cold enough for freezing rain.

Instead, we'll deal with our own abrupt temperature change. Forecasters expect highs in the mid 70s Thursday and Friday. By Sunday, when rain is falling for most of the day, temperatures might not get out of the upper 30s.

The changeover day will be Saturday, when temperatures are falling (along with rain). Conditions could be miserable Saturday night for the ACC championship football game at Bank of America Stadium.


Anonymous said...

The "Full Coverage Team" will sulk over the lost opportunity to interrupt scheduled broadcasting to stand out in sleet while warning us to "stay indoors."

And, things may also be miserable for Duke Saturday night at the ACC championship game.

Anonymous said...

Actually bad weather would probably work in Duke's favor. Anything to slow down FSU helps lol. As a UNC fan, I say go Duke.

Thomas Udelson said...

It will be a big game indeed, with local noteworthy celebrities in attendance, such as Panicovich, Udelson, and $cam Newton. There should be over 9,500 in attendance at this big game, so get there early, and wear your backwards Duke cap!

Plains Tree Worshipper said...

Dook never had a chance...
FSU is a big boy in a junior college football conference. If they can beat the silly Aubarn Miracle Workers, they may only do so by a few points.