Saturday, November 22, 2014

Problems ahead for big Thanksgiving travel day?

A few days ago, we were giving Thanksgiving travelers the all-clear signal for Tuesday and Wednesday. Now that outlook isn't so rosy.

Both the Europeans and Global computer models are predicting the development of a low pressure system along the Carolinas coast Wednesday, and that spells possible trouble for travelers.

"There definitely will be a coastal low," National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Krentz said Saturday evening. "The big question is how close to the coast it will be."

The closer to the coast, the farther inland for precipitation.

Wednesday is the biggest travel day of the year, and rain will make a mess of things for those flying or driving somewhere for Thanksgiving. Right now, it appears as if the biggest problems will be for anyone headed toward eastern North Carolina, including the Raleigh area, or up into central and eastern Virginia.

I must point out that temperatures will be chilly Wednesday, and although the precipitation almost certainly will fall as rain, some of the information being churned out by the computers says "snow," especially for northeastern North Carolina and farther to the west in the N.C. mountains.

I've traveled on a rainy Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and it was miserable.  A steady rain turned a trip up I-85 to Richmond into an ordeal.

We should have a better idea on the makeup of the storm, including its path, by later Sunday or early Monday.

But it's definitely a new -- and unwanted -- wrinkle in the Thanksgiving travel picture.


Panic-vico-vico-vico-vico said...

You can count on some garbage weather to screw up things each week. By Tuesday this will be a full-fledged sever storm with high winds, tornadoes, and flooding. It always gets worse. In fact, be prepared for rain Wed -Sat, ruining the entire holiday weekend.

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