Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good news for Thanksgiving?

It looks as if weather patterns across the eastern United States are shaping up nicely for Carolinas residents during the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Translated ... travelers apparently won't have to deal with big storms, and those who enjoy a winter-like feel to the air will get their wish on Thanksgiving Day.

If your preference is for shorts and T-shirts on Thanksgiving, sorry!

Thanksgiving week will be ushered in with a fairly significant storm system across the eastern United States. Low pressure will move up the Ohio Valley late Saturday and Sunday. A weak cold air damming event could develop in the Carolinas Piedmont and Foothills on Sunday, but it probably won't last long -- especially in the Piedmont.

That will set the stage for a rainy Sunday, with temperatures in the 60s.

By the way, the atmosphere will have one element needed for severe weather Sunday -- wind shear. But instability will be lacking, so we're probably looking at showery weather.

The showers will taper off Monday, and we'll be in a warm sector for the day before another cold front arrives. That means highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s.

The next cold front arrives Monday night, and it will be followed by another front later in the week. By Thanksgiving, we're probably looking at high temperatures in the low to mid 40s for Charlotte, with sub-freezing morning lows. But there are no signs of major storm systems, even for the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Incidentally, our warm-up Sunday and Monday will sweep into the North. Highs in the 60s are possible for New York and Philadelphia.  Places along the Great Lakes that were hit with heavy snow this week will see a rapid melt-off Sunday and Monday.

For Thanksgiving holiday travelers, the advance outlook is good.

"I don't see anything that will be a problem in the Southeast for travelers on Tuesday and Wednesday," said Chris Horne, of the National Weather Service office in Greer, S.C.


Anonymous said...

Where do you find the forecasts? You say low to mid 40's on Thanksgiving, but and show low 50's

Why such a difference of 10 degrees?

Anonymous said...

You need to get a life if you are concerned about ..........."10" ........................degrees.........

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous2- he/she has a point though

10 degrees can make a big difference between you skidding off the road on ice or splashing through a puddle.....

or making your favorite meal it can be the difference between your water boiling or not, or your Thanksgiving turkey being underdone sending your guests to the bathroom for 2 days

Trunkadoric said...

Prefer prefer shorts and T-shirts on a nice holiday like Thanksgiving? Who besides common riff-raff would prefer such sloppy dress?

Anonymous said...

"Severe" weather is always lurking isn't it? An inch of rain, and a light wind suddenly becomes "severe."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Weather Guy! Your reports are quite substantive, unlike some other weather casters here who preach doom and gloom with every cloud in the sky. Keep up your fine reports!