Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What to wear at the Wells Fargo: How about a rain coat?

The feature story on the Charlotte Observer's website Wednesday afternoon is a piece by Cristina Bolling on what fans should wear at next week's Wells Fargo Championship golf tournament.

Cristina's story focuses on what a well-dressed golf fan will wear to Charlotte's PGA tournament.

My suggestion: Rain gear.

By nearly every prediction, it looks as if we're in for a very wet week -- with the emphasis on "very."

The computer models insist on creating a blocking pattern over Greenland and northeast Canada. That will stall the west-to-east movement of weather systems across the United States. And considering that a slow-moving low pressure system is expected to be in the eastern half of the country next week, it's a recipe for days of rainfall.

The good news is that it apparently won't be a cold rain -- at least not in the Carolinas. Chilly temperatures and the rain could be confined to areas north of the Mason-Dixon line. High temperatures each day look to be from the upper 60s to the mid 70s.

But the upper-level low pressure system will barely move during the week, becoming a cut-off low pressure system that is left outside the jet stream and becomes stuck over the eastern United States. In those kinds of situations, we tend to get frequent periods of showers and thunderstorms. Severe thunderstorms usually don't develop in those patterns, but storms with heavy rainfall are more likely.

The exact timing is a bit uncertain, but it appears as if showers will begin to move into the Carolinas on Monday, with the amount of rainfall increasing Tuesday and Wednesday. It could be the end of the week before the cut-off low finally meanders off the East Coast.

Charlotte's rainfall since early December is several inches above average, and it appears as if we'll add to the surplus next week.


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