Thursday, February 20, 2014

From snow to severe storms ...

A week ago today, life in Charlotte was at a standstill as we dug out from 7-8 inches of snow and some ice.

Today we're enjoying a second straight day of record-setting temperatures. And forecasters are keeping an eye on conditions that could produce severe thunderstorms Friday morning.

The severe weather threat is in the mid-South today, and parts of western Tennessee and northern Alabama and Mississippi could be in for widespread thunderstorm damage later in the afternoon and evening. On Friday, the biggest threat probably will be to our east, over central and eastern North Carolina.

But for four to six hours Friday morning, the Charlotte region will be in the weather bull's-eye as a cold front crosses the area.

Forecasters expect this evening's line of severe storms to weaken as it approaches the mountains in western North Carolina overnight. As the area of showers and storms moves into the central and eastern Carolinas on Friday, with the additional factor of daytime heating, severe weather could break out again.

But even though the storms will cross the western Carolinas during the morning hours, before daytime heating, there will still be a threat.

"The greatest risk from the storms will be caused by wind gusts that can reach 60 mph," said Alex Sosnowski, a meteorologist with Accu-Weather.

Very strong winds will be blowing in the mid levels of the atmosphere. Meteorologists say that any strong showers or storms that form along the front can bring those powerful winds to the surface.

Incidentally, the cold front will bring our heat wave to an end. Charlotte set a record high of 76 degrees Wednesday, and the temperature already had tied the day's record of 75 at 1 p.m., so another record is nearly certain to fall.

But we won't be dropping into the deep freeze, at least not immediately. Behind the front, Charlotte will still get highs in the mid 60s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That "deep freeze" might be in our future, though. Computer models continue to hint at some much colder weather by the end of next week, and there continue to be hints of a possible winter storm somewhere in the Southeast in the time frame of next Thursday to Saturday.


Anonymous said...

One extreme follows the next.

Marconi Polonius said...

Next to come......a pair of F-5 tornadoes strike the Charlotte area!

Anonymous said...

I will just be happy to get back to seasonably cool temps-- we can skip the ice at this point.

Anonymous said...

The forecast here is generally, “don’t get used to the this one nice day of weather because the models say ______ is on the way.”

A. Single-digit, pipe-freezing lows.
B. Freezing rain to cause extensive power outages.
C. Flooding rain.
D. 8-12 inches of snow.
E. High, damaging winds.
F. Severe thunder storms.

Anonymous said...

The snow was nice despite the messy neighborhood where I live.

Mark :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to see what NC is ibn for the next week, copy and past this link or click it -,0,1281113.story

Look at what color code NC is in. Better not put the mittens, gloves, hats, and heavy coats in mothballs yet.


Anonymous said...

"A week ago today, life in Charlotte was at a standstill as we dug out from 7-8 inches of snow and some ice.

If you allowed your live to come to a "standstill" because of that little bit of snow here, you have a serious problem. You probably ought to move to an even more Southern state, or maybe Arizona or New Mexico, cause you'd never survive a Michigan or Minnesota winter. Some of you are doing good to make it through a North Carolina cold snap.

Standstill. Don't make me laugh, but hype it and milk it for all you can get out of it. And 90% of the snow was gone in four days or less.

Standstill. Oi.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:50PM,

Sounds to me like you are the one who should 'move'. May I suggest Damascas, Syria? I'm sure they have just the thing for your elitist attitude there!

Anonymous said...

That clown @5:50 PM is right. Charlotte DID NOT come to a standstill. And the roads cleared in the sunshine the next day. When people over-exaggerate they deserve the ridicule they receive.

These weathermen will hype up the most insignificant events for drama an ratings. The clown @ 5:50 PM is not being "elitist" by pointing out this fact; he's only being truthful.

And, to the Devil with Michigan and Minnesota. No one in their right mind would ever want to live in either of those places.

Anonymous said...

So where is all this bad weather??? Another busted call?