Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wednesday snow in foothills; weekend uncertain

Snow-lovers in the Charlotte region haven't had much to celebrate the past few years, and that's why some who love frozen precipitation are forced to get excited about a couple of longshot events (or maybe non-events) this week in the Carolinas.

Snow is actually rather likely Wednesday evening to the northwest of Charlotte, and there could even be a few flakes falling in Charlotte itself. But barring a huge surprise, there won't be accumulations locally.

"As it stands now, we don't expect any accumulations outside of the foothills," Bryan McAvoy, of the National Weather Service office in Greer, S.C., said Tuesday afternoon.

A cold front will be crossing the area, and a weak low pressure system will be coming along for the ride. Rain showers are expected in the afternoon, but a lot of cold air will be pouring into the region behind the front. That's why the rain is expected to change to snow in the evening. A couple inches are likely in the mountains, and there could be a coating in the foothills.

Wednesday night's cold front will usher in several days of really chilly weather.

Highs are only expected to reach the lower 40s Thursday, and after a minor recovery into the upper 40s Friday, the highs on Saturday might not get out of the 30s.

Then another low pressure system is expected to swing across the Southeast.  The computer models were divided on the subject yesterday and still are today.

"It seems like every run, we get one model that predicts snow, while the two or three others disagree," McAvoy said. "The safest course for now is to forecast snow limited to the mountains."

McAvoy said the timing of the possible system has sped up. On Monday, the computers were predicting precipitation arriving Saturday. Now, McAvoy said, the computers are predicting it Friday night.


Unknown said...

Not much to cheer about the last few years? That's an understatement. I can remember 4 actual real snows since the monster snow in February 2004 that dumped 15 inches on us. And in all 4 cases, there was no trace it had ever snowed 24 hours later. And even in the big one in 2004, which happened on a Thursday into Friday morning, by that following Monday it was 65 degrees, and by bedtime my snowman was gone.

Now, I do love to poke fun at natives when a prediction of 2 inches of snow sends them into 9-1-1 panic, but hey, you get to make fun of me when I nearly sweat to death the first time the temp breaks 80. :-)

Anonymous said...

We had at least one nice snow last year, even if it didn't last long. I remember returning from a Valentine's weekend in Asheville all excited about seeing a few flakes, only to have a thick, beautiful snow fall in Belmont.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy whatever comes, snow or not. There is certainly no need to ever panic over the weather.
However, some noted local TV weathermen relish the opportunity to stir up panic among their viewers.

Anonymous said...

With all the weather models the forecaster use they DON"T know anymore than us when it is going to snow or not. WSOC claims to have the "most sophisticated radar" in our area and seldom do they get it RIGHT. Mother Nature knows what she is going to do, when she is going to do it and the forecasters our just like the ordinary citizens: THEY DON'T KNOW. They assume or GUESS what might happen. Is it going to snow? We will just have to WAIT and see at the moment. I get so sick of the meteorologists claiming to be something they are NOT. If it is actually snowing and I SEE the snow, I know it is snowing just like Steve and the other meteorologists do. I have NO faith in their predictions!!!

Anonymous said...

WSOC claims to have "the most powerful radar system in our area" and seldom do they predict an accurate forecast. GUESS is all they do to make themselves look good.

Anonymous said...

Sophisticated and expensive radars do only one thing: show what is happening, not what will happen. Forecasting is a combination of guesswork, fiction, and drama. Weathermen serve as he network clowns.

Anonymous said...

Spring Training starts in less than a month.

Take Me out to the Ballgame, I don't care if I ever get back.

Anonymous said...

...time then to unpack the little league-style pajama uniforms and PED's...get out the neck ropes and start the Moses beards....here come the jumping barbarians...