Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday update on our cold and Sunday's NFL games

The computer models keep coming in colder and colder with the forecasts for Carolinas' temperatures from late Monday into Wednesday.

The National Weather Service now is predicting a low of 9 degrees Tuesday morning and 14 degrees on Wednesday in Charlotte. The Weather Service's meteorologists think temperatures in Charlotte could be below freezing for close to 42 hours, from Monday evening until Wednesday afternoon.

That would be long enough to cause some real problems for area residents' water pipes, and it will pose a real threat to the safety of anyone not protected from the cold.

The forecasts from private meteorological services are similar, but it's likely that temperatures will be down around 5 degrees Tuesday morning in places not far from Charlotte.  That certainly will be the case in the Statesville-Hickory corridor.

Snowfall from the system will be limited to the northwest North Carolina mountains, although some forecasts indicate a dusting is possible in the northwest Piedmont, in the area north of Interstate 40 from Hickory and Lenoir over toward Winston-Salem.

For most of us, it will be a dry outbreak of cold air that could break some records.

Incidentally, some of the forecasts in the North are outrageous.  The Weather Channel is noting that Chicago's record for coldest high temperature, -13 degrees, could be threatened Tuesday.

We'll catch a one-day break Sunday, by the way, with a brief southerly flow sending temperatures into the upper 40s. In fact, it'll stay in the upper 40s Sunday night before the cold front charges through the area Monday. Then temperatures will quickly plummet during the afternoon.

By Wednesday, temperatures will climb above freezing, and we'll be back in the 50s next weekend for the Panthers' home NFL playoff games.

Speaking of NFL playoff games ... Sunday's two contests will be affected by the weather.

The San Diego Chargers play in Cincinnati at 1 p.m., and there's a winter storm warning in effect. It will be raining and in the mid 30s Sunday morning, but the rain will change to heavy snow at some point in the afternoon. Best indications are that will happen sometime in the second half.

And, of course, conditions will be downright Siberian-like in Green Bay, where the Packers will host the San Francisco 49ers.  Temperatures will be around -5 degrees at kickoff, with wind chills down around -20 degrees.

The National Weather Service office in Green Bay has produced an interesting report on some of the coldest games ever played in the NFL.  The meteorologists up there specifically compared the two games generally considered to top the list, when it comes to bad weather -- the 1967 Ice Bowl (Dallas at Green Bay), and the 1982 Freezer Bowl (San Diego at Cincinnati).

Here's a link to that report, and consider yourself fortunate to be in the Carolinas.  It'll be around 55 degrees for the Panthers' game next Sunday, and that seems tropical-like in comparison.


Anonymous said...

Dang that pesky global warming!!!

Exit 0 said...

You're a moron.
Climate change is about weather extremes.

I wouldn't have signed that either.

Anonymous said...

Rain, less than 2 days of chill and no snow. Whoopie Do.

Mike said...

So, when the "warming" thing doesn't work out as predicted, you just change the euphemism to "extremes"? Convenient.

This school yard name-calling is what passes for intelligent commentary from the gullible Left these days.

Take your time, and see if you can think of something to say that doesn't make you sound like a middle school dropout.

Anonymous said...

Easy there. You're going to blow a fuse. Extreme? Are you referring to the global warming scientists that went to Antarctica to study the melting sea ice and got stuck in it? In addition, to the others ship that went to rescue them??? LOL...

Signed said...

Change? Extremes? Have you not heard? There is nothing new under the sun.

hostforthedead said...

It is so easy staying MARRIED - when the LORD has got your back in AC (weatherwise)!!!

Anonymous said...

What Lord, Valdamort? Other? What made up lord do you mean?

Anonymous said...

So what some of you are saying is that the next very warm spell we get can be used as proof that global warming DOES exist. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

11?28 Exactly. If the discussion gets beyond the most basic fundamentals the denial faction spins out. " can we have global warming if it still gets cold in the winter?" Watching too much Faux news will do that to a person. LOL.

Anonymous said...

So what if global warming does exist? So what are you going to do about it? Answer: NOTHING, because you can do nothing, except complain.

If the discussion gets beyond reality, the blind advocate faction spins out.

Back in the 80's the big political cause was "ozone depletion," that was to end life as we know it in the early 21st century. We are still here (ans so is the ozone layer), and we will survive "global warming" as well.

Apparently, "global warming" is nothing, as we still get cold winters, hot summers and normal springs/autumn. But the blind advocate faction cannot see that. Watching too much CNN, Oprah, and MSNBC, will do that to a person. LOL.

Archiguy said...

anon3:29 - Actually, we DID do something about ozone depletion. Once scientists determined that a big cause of damage to the protective ozone layer was chlorofluorocarbons, we changed the formula for those items, producing and emitting much less of them. And it made a difference. It was a rare example of the global community acting responsibly to stop a common threat.

It's been much more difficult to do something about global warming because of the concerted effort to deny not only its effects, but that it's even happening at all. But the science on that is firmly settled now, no matter what the deniers say.

Unfortunately, you're correct in that there's not much we can do about it now. We might have been able to slow it down if we had acted responsibly a few decades ago when the effects were first documented, but it's probably too late now. Thank a conservative bellyacher for the fact that this planet will be a much hotter place 100 years from now. And if you have any beachfront property, my advice is to sell. Now.

And BTW, "Exit o" above is correct. Climate change is about more extreme weather events and the general trend of global warming. Isolated and localized weather effects do not negate the overall trend, which is well documented and supported by 98% of climate scientists all over the world. The remaining 2% are either cranks, or on the payroll of large energy companies who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Mike said...

Um…no. "Global Warming" is supported by 100% of scientists who are looking for grant money, because if everything is normal with the global temperature, their jobs don't have much reason to exist.

When someone tells you the climate will warm in the next few years, they're telling you that they can see the future. And when someone tells you they can see the future, the one sure way to tell if they really believe it themselves is to see if they're investing in what they say they believe.

So, is waterfront property dropping in value, because the seas are going to rise? Hardly. After Sandy, people couldn't rebuild fast enough, right in the path of oceans that are supposedly going to inundate their lots.

Is farmland that will soon be fertile, such as in northern Canada or Siberia, climing in value? Uh…no.

If you are a hook, line, and sinker believer in Global Warming, what have you done to invest in it? After all, you can see the future…why would you not take advantage of it?

Anonymous said...

People, chill out - literally! Take a cold walk outside. No need to debate global 'warming' with extreme COLD temps in the single digits.

Mark :)

PS: Perfect day for a Polar bear Plunge. Let's go swimming!

Anonymous said...

Global warming would be very welcome right now! Warm is GOOD, so let's hope it increases!

Gore Junky and Panther Fan said...

Dang these stupid Polar Vortexes!

"Global warming" are letting us all down!

Anonymous said...

You rude man. Leave those folks alone!!! Stop!!

Anonymous said...

Leave them boys alone!

Ronjo said...

Some of my pipes froze and busted. No one warned me of this. Someone fell down on the job. Who can I blame and sue?

Anonymous said...

When is the weather guy going to post again??? It has been 9 days... Will south and North Carolina get snow this week???

Anonymous said...

If there is even a slight hint of a single snow cloud, these weather guys would have already posted a couple dramatic articles, commenced 24/7 "full team coverage," and called for grocery store runs.