Friday, September 20, 2013

Your weekend: Wet, then nice

It looks like we'll be able to salvage one dry day from the coming weekend.

That's good news is you have outdoor plans Sunday.  If you have plans for Saturday, it's not so good.

A cold front will push across the Carolinas on Saturday. Earlier in the week, some of the computer models hinted that the front would move very slowly across the region, giving us a good chance of rain for several days.

But the models now are pretty consistent in pushing the front east of our area later Saturday night and early Sunday. So let's deal with the good parts of the weekend first.

Friday night will be great for high school football, Festival in the Park, or anything else you have planned.

Temperatures actually are a bit on the warm side, with Friday afternoon readings in the middle and even the upper 80s. Expect temperatures in the 70s on Friday evening.

Sunday also should be a keeper. A few showers might linger into the morning hours, but they should push east of the Charlotte region by sunrise, or maybe an hour or two later. That will set the stage for a very nice day, with at least partial sunshine and high temperatures climbing into the upper 70s.

If you're headed to the Carolina Panthers' game against the New York Giants, figure on temperatures around 72 degrees at kickoff.

Then there's Saturday.

It's pretty much a given that the afternoon and evening will be wet, and possibly stormy. The computer models show a fair amount of atmospheric instability, especially along and southeast of the I-85 corridor. That means a chance of thunderstorms.

The big question is when the showers and storms will arrive. In Charlotte, we might be able to salvage the morning hours, but don't be surprised if a shower arrives before noon.

Next week looks like a return to dry and seasonal temperatures.  There is no rain in the forecast after Saturday night for several days. Our afternoon highs next week will be mostly in the upper 70s.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it, but shouldn't you have mentioned that we desperately need the rain, instead of harping on the fact that any rain we get Saturday will kill any outdoor plans people might have?


ncdave77 said...

Anonymous@6:57PM - really? Sure we could use some rain.. but understand many people go outdoors and have plans during the weekends. Why such hostility?


Anonymous said...

And not every is dry, I actually still have a muddy area in my property.

Anonymous said...

Steve - what is the weather looking like for the rest of the year? From October to December? Are we going to get some rain eventually? It's been kinda dry lately. I think we can definitely use some rain, don't you think?

Shaw of the JD Buzz said...

Need rain? Didn't we get more than enough for the remainder of the year during May -August? This slop needs months to dry out.