Tuesday, February 26, 2013

4-letter word -- snow -- being mentioned again

I've been mentioning the arrival of much colder air in the Carolinas for the first two weeks of March, but that might not be the only wintry weather in our future.

There are indications from some of the computer models that we could be facing a repeat performance of our Saturday snowfall from a few weeks back.

The cold air is a certainty. After mild weather Wednesday (maybe 60 degrees), colder air will arrive Thursday, and it will get a few degrees colder each day into the weekend.

Once the chill arrives, it doesn't appear to be leaving anytime soon.

The longer-range computer models predict very cold temperatures -- compared to seasonal norms -- next week. That will be followed in the week of March 11-17 by cold (as compared to very cold) weather. The long-range forecasts indicate we won't return to typical March temperatures until after St. Patrick's Day.

Weekend high temperatures, assuming there's sunshine, will be in the middle 40s. That's about 15 degrees below seasonal averages.

So what about snow?

The Global (GFS) model, which sniffed out our little snowstorm a few weeks ago, is predicting a similar system will cross the Carolinas on Saturday. Temperatures will be cold enough for a few inches of snow once again.

Earlier, there were indications of a second storm around the middle of next week, but that system has disappeared off the longer-range forecasts.

Saturday's storm -- if it in fact comes to fruition -- would be another relatively small system. That's four days away, which means there's plenty of time for the track to change. The area of significant snowfall wouldn't be that large, so a change of 100 miles in the storm track could mean the difference of snow or no snow.

Of course, there's also the possibility that the computer models showing no snow this weekend prove to be correct.

One thing is for sure -- the first half of March won't feature the 80-degree days we had last year.


Anonymous said...

If it's more than an inch, I'll dance naked in it and post pictures on FaceBook.

Anonymous said...

what happened to spring coming early.. lets sue the groundhog :)

Anonymous said...

And we all know this horrible "4-letter word" has caused us such dreadful misery this year. All these life-stopping blizzards here in NC this month have been so deep, the thought of yet another is too much to bear. Please, let us be spared from this wicked, sinful, and completely unnatural "4-letter word."

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:04am , actually if you weren't being sarcastic ( I hope you were at least),, then if you lived North of downtown Charlotte, like Banner Elk, High Point. You would be wrong, the snow this year has been really bad, along with the Ice.. But again, I am assuming you were being sarcastic, wrather then being stupid..

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:03 "Wrather"? Is that the British spelling?

Anonymous said...

#1 comment...unless you're 21 and a stripper with all her attributes (silicon or not),forget it!..if you happen to be latin i'll call you "silicon carne"

Anonymous said...

"Wrather" than being stupid, I was being truthful based on observation. I am not aware of the treacherous snow this season in "Banner Elk, High Point." Where in NC is "Banner Elk, High Point?"

Anonymous said...

Forecast = FARCE, as usual.