Monday, October 10, 2011

Dry spell is about to end

Low pressure moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico and Florida will put an end to the nearly two-week string of dry days in the Charlotte region.

Rain will move into the area this evening or overnight, and it will continue intermittently until Wednesday morning. By the time the last showers have pushed northeast of the region sometime later Wednesday, much of the area could get 1.5 or even 2 inches of rain.

The low pressure system is being fed by tropical moisture, and it will bring breezy conditions to the Charlotte region Tuesday. Temperatures probably will fall from the mid 60s in the morning, dropping to near 60 degrees for much of the day.

In short, we're looking at a raw day.

There won't be a worry about severe weather, however -- this will be what meteorologists call a "stratiform" rain event. That's a nice way of saying low clouds and a mostly steady rainfall.

Flooding isn't likely, either, because the precipitation will be spread over a 36-hour period. Besides, it has been very dry in the area since late September.

Once the rain departs later Wednesday, we're looking at dry and mild weather for the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hype is predicting around 2 inches of rain. That means we'll get less than an inch.

5:17pm's Dad said...

@ 5:17pm, oh really? Looks like we got that 2 inches of rain! Now get back to your booger eating.