Friday, August 12, 2011

A cool-down, of sorts ... but for how long?

A couple readers have noted in the last week that we seem headed for another run at Charlotte's all-time record for 90-degree days. That's 88, set in 1954. We had 87 last year.

We've had 60 so far this year, which means we'll need a hot September to threaten the mark again.

I mention this because we're apparently headed for a break from the 90-degree weather for several days.

The jet stream in the eastern United States will take a dip, with a trough establishing itself along the East Coast. That will bring a cold front -- a bit stronger than usual -- into and through the Carolinas this weekend. And it will bring temperatures that actually will be a bit below average for a few days early next week.

We're talking about high temperatures in the middle 80s for a few days, before a return to average (about 88 degrees) by the end of next week. But there is no sign of 90-degree weather for the next week, except perhaps for today.

(By the way ... that cold front arrival late Saturday and Sunday will be accompanied by some strong thunderstorms, and the earlier storms could have an impact on the Panthers' preseason game against the New York Giants on Saturday night.)

I heard a meteorologist the other day surmise that the cooler weather next week might mark an end to the summer heat. Such a back-breaking event is not unheard of. If you remember, our nasty streak of cold weather last winter ended suddenly on Valentine's Day, and it never really got chilly again during the winter.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

The 6-10 day outlook from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center calls for below-average temperatures in the Charlotte region, and that's mostly because of the cool-down early next week. The outlook for 8-14 days calls for average temperatures (but below average in eastern North Carolina). That indicates a return to hotter weather around the 25th of the month (which, incidentally, happens to be the start of the school year for most N.C. public school students).

Accu-Weather, the Pennsylvania-based private weather company, is predicting highs in the upper 90s in two weeks.

Next week's cooler weather will put a dent in Charlotte's chances of breaking the record of 90-degree days, but it probably doesn't mark an end to the torrid heat of Summer 2011.

Tropic Outlook: In case you haven't noticed, it's getting busy in the Atlantic. A pair of Cape Verde systems are getting most attention from the National Hurricane Center. Check out the activity on the National Hurricane Center's website -- That circle farthest to the right (farthest east) would seem to have the best chance of impacting the United States down the road.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't this "onslaught" of cooler weather supposed to have gotten here by Wednesday? Her it is Friday and it's still not here.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the cool stuff lasted a few days, but with the recent heat wave, I'll take any break I can get. Don't mind the rain, either, but can do without the high winds and other bad stuff that comes with it. Too many big trees around my house.