Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bastardi finds a new home

As many people surmised when Joe Bastardi abruptly resigned from Accu-Weather last month, it wouldn't take long for him to find a new home.

In fact, a lot of us are wondering if he left because he had a new home.

Anyways, Bastardi, probably the best-known meteorologist on Accu-Weather's staff, has become long-range meteorologist at WeatherBell Analystic LLC, a New York-based company which provides meteorological products (forecasts) for companies that worry about what the weather will do.

Joining Bastardi is Joseph D'Aleo, who was director of meteorology for the Weather Channel when the cable TV channel was launched.

Bastardi has become well-known in meteorological circles for his long-range forecasts and his feisty demeanor. Those apparently will be on full display at WeatherBell, but you'll have to pay for it.

His blog (and that of D'Aleo) is free for now, but WeatherBell says it will begin charging a fee for their columns on April 1.

Then again, Accu-Weather charged a fee for people to read Bastardi, so it's nothing new.

His new job is outlined in this Washington Post story,

You can find WeatherBell at

Incidentally, Bastardi is predicting a severe outbreak of cold weather for much of April in the East, although it appears as if he believes the worst of the cold will be bottled north of Interstate 70.


Telly Crumpers said...

with a last name like that, he must've had it pretty rough in high school

Lynne Stevenson said...

For a few seconds there, I thought my ex husband had finally gotten his just desserts, and at last, gone to hell like I told him to many years ago...

kantstanzya said...

Selling long range weather forcasts...or even short range weather forcasts. That's funny. Is that the 21st century equivalent of a snake oil salesman?