Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surprise! Joe Bastardi's gone

Just like that ... Joe Bastardi checked out of Accu-Weather.

The first word that Bastardi had left the Pennsylvania-based private meteorological company came about 4:30 p.m. Monday, in the form of announcements from Accu-Weather on various weather bulletin boards and the company's Facebook page.

Bastardi is one of those bigger-than-weather figures, like Jim Cantore at the Weather Channel, or even Steve Lyons, formerly of the Weather Channel.

Bastardi was chief long-range meteorologist at Accu-Weather, and he isn't afraid of controversy. Some might say he thrives on it. He's also seemingly never lacking in self-confidence.

His act doesn't play well with some meteorologists and weather weenies. But others enjoy it. And still others -- myself included -- might not like his style all the time but appreciate his effort to delve into a part of meteorology, long-range forecasting, that is avoided by most scientists. And he delves into it with passion.

Bastardi angers some with his belief that humanity's role in climate change might be superseded by that of natural changes in weather patterns.

That, of course, is politically loaded territory, putting Bastardi at odds with the Al Gore crowd and somewhat in the camp of the Rush Limbaugh conservatives.

Let's face it ... he's a lightning rod (I was waiting to use that one ... sorry).

But now he's gone, after 32 years at Accu-Weather, and it'll be interesting to see what happens next for the company and for Bastardi.

Accu-Weather has said several times since Monday that Bastardi was not fired.

The official statement, through spokesman Justin Roberti: "We wish him the best in his next endeavor, whatever form that might take."

And in answering comments on the Facebook page, Accu-Weather said Bastardi's beliefs about climate change had nothing to do with his departure. One person, posting a note on the website of the newspaper in State College, Pa., where Accu-Weather is based, said he works at the company and said Bastardi just wanted a change.

For Accu-Weather, its Pro website could take a hit. The company charges $24.95 a month or $249.95 a year for subscribers to get advanced-level weather information, and Bastardi's videos and columns were a big hit on that website.

Paul Pastelok has been named to replace Bastardi as chief long-range forecaster, and he wasted little time in making his presence known. Accu-Weather's website,, has a story Thursday from Pastelok, about weather for the coming month.

There was a ruffle -- although less intense -- when Lyons left his position as chief hurricane specialist at the Weather Channel last year and rejoined the National Weather Service at its office in San Angelo, Texas (interestingly, far inland).

Lyons, who became chief meteorologist at the office, said he wanted to return to his roots -- serving the public and forecasting weather.

Sometimes people need a change of scenery and want to try something different.

It'll be interesting to see where Joe Bastardi pops up next.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Thanks, Steve!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. $249.95 a year for "advanced-level weather information?"

Are you freaking kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how dare Joe question the secular religion of "climate change". Looks the Weather Channel also certainly won't hire him!

kantstanzya said...

Word is Al Gore is somewhere in the Carribean riding out the latest "coldest winter on record" and trying to fit those inconvenient facts into his "manmade global warming" money making fantasy shows.

He has been successful in having the media adapt his wording change from "global warming" to "climate change" so audiences will still listen to his claims that record cold and record snow are still really due to global warming without breaking out in laughter.

Using the same "let's see how gullible our liberal kool aid drinkers really are" strategy Barack Obama is now using the term "investments" instead of "tax increases."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Joe Bastardi is gone! He's like an institution.

I'm dying to find out where he lands next. Maybe a Republican think tank?

Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so Joe........

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the Obama haters will get into every article regardless of what the subject matter is about? Of course, you recognize the names of the ones who obsessed with hating this man and his family. Even old fat Lush Rimbaugh is making fun of Michelle Obama's belly. That is from the leader of the right family values crowd.

kantstanzya said...

To Anonymous:

"Obama haters"? That is the standard default position for liberals who do not want to argue the facts of any issue. We do not "hate" Obama...we hate his positions and policies.

And Rush does poke fun. But at least he does it in funny manner. Quite different from the left going after all things Bush in very viscious ways....and they still are obsessed with hating Bush.

My only point was that the left tries to hide what they are doing by coming up with non descript names to disquise what is actually happening. Two examples above. "Planned Parenthood Clinic" instead of "Abortion Clinic".

And "Kantstanzya" is a comedic referrance to a Seinfeld episode. Obviously you were not a fan. So sorry I hurt your tender sensitivities.

Chris R. said... :)

John said...

Kantstanzya - If nobody hates Obama then why is there a website named ""? Why can you buy tshirts that say "I Hate Obama? For you to come on here and act like the absolute pure hatred towards Obama personally doesn't exist is almost comical.

Old Farmer in the backwoods of upstate New York said...

It is unfortuante that supporters of the Obama administration personalize those who have differing opinions. There is a petition that has been signed by over 31,000 scientists (over 9,000 of which have Phd's) stating that they do not accept the "global warming" theory. These are a group of folks who want a public debate with Al Gore, or a designee of his. Gore's camp has said "no" repeatedly. If I had a theory and was convinced I was right, I would take advantage of the opportunity to debate publicy so I could prove once and for all that I was right. The fact they avoid public debate with scientists tells me all I need to know.
A final comment - before anybody conjectures on my political persuasion because of my comments: The Bush administration spent excessively money that was not there - and the current administration is on a path far worse. If you pump out of the well non stop, sooner or latter, it is going dry.

Jim C. said...
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