Thursday, September 23, 2010

Matthew looms

Just a quick late-afternoon update, folks, on my morning blog post.

As expected, that low pressure system off the Central American coast has developed into a tropical depression, and nearly every meteorologist is expecting the system to be Tropical Storm or Hurricane Matthew by morning.

We now have some computer models to look at, and they take the hurricane into Belize and over the eastern edge of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico -- and then back into open water south of Florida, heading toward Florida.

This storm is developing in a hurry, and it appears as if the mainland United States will have something to worry about in several days. In the meantime, Matthew could spread devastating heavy rains across Central America this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Little confused here. This storm is heading for Yucatan and will dump heavy rain in Cent America-then curve towards Fl? That's quite a sharp turn NE isn't it?

Anonymous said...

We're scheduled to fly to Cancun on Sunday for a holiday in the Mayan Riviera ... what do we do? Would we be in any real danger or could we just expect to have to stay in indoors for a few days? We live inland, so are not used to hurricanes!

Anonymous said...

That predicted big curve to the NE would make sense, given that huge high pressure dome that has ruled the southeast for so long. The storm would be "riding" the west side of the pressure ridge. Since that dome is supposed to move away this weekend, wonder if that will "pull" the storm this way? We certainly need the rain!

discourser said...

Great... I predict that it will take an unexpected westward turn and head towards New Orleans and Cajun country. I leave Saturday for a 9 day/8 night trip to NOLA. I have this really bad habit of taking long planned vacations to post-hurricane locations. Florida, Virginia, St. Maarten... Crossing my fingers!