Wednesday, September 29, 2010

11:45 update ... forget about Nicole

Ahh ... the wacky world of weather!

At 10:30 this morning, the tropical weather system south of Florida was expected to become Tropical Storm Nicole, cross southern Florida and head for the Carolinas.

Not so fast!

Yes, the tropical depression is now Tropical Storm Nicole, with top sustained winds of 40 mph. But forget about the storm crossing Florida and heading for the Carolinas.

This system has been poorly organized and, frankly, a bit weird from the start. Nicole's strongest winds are about 150 miles east and southeast of the center. And now there are two changes in the forecast:

1. Nicole is expected to pass east of Florida, cross the northwest Bahamas, and move into open waters.

2. It is forecast to dissipate within 36 hours. It will die at sea, maybe 150 or 200 miles east of Jacksonville, without ever reaching the Carolinas.

Does that mean none of the rain is coming to the Charlotte area and the rest of the Carolinas? No, not at all.

Nicole will dissipate because it will be gobbled up by a low pressure system forecast to develop later today off the South Carolina coast. If I may borrow a reference from the distant past, it's like the old Pac-Man game, where one of the little critters gobbles up another.

Once the low pressure system forms off the S.C. coast, it will spread rain inland.

However, this probably means we won't have to worry about flooding rains in Charlotte. Expect an inch or so, from later today until Thursday morning. It'll be great for the lawns.


Anonymous said...

"Ahh ... the wacky world of weather!

Kinda like the wacky world of the Observer?

Okay, sorry, just had to throw that in.

Personally I'm glad to see this sort of slow steady saturating kind of rain. I'm thinking when the sun finally reappears, we'll be in for some of those delightful fall days we all love so much.

Anonymous said...

I like your writing style. It made reading about the weather interesting and entertaining.

jonathan said...

You sound like a drama queen

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they ACTUALLY named this storm. 6 hours later, it's back to depression status. 10-15 years ago, this storm isn't named. No. Way. I swear I think someone is doing this on purpose to pad the stats for "evidence of global change...I mean...climate disruption...."

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy. Those flat earth, tin foil hat, conspiracy theorist types never miss a beat do they?

Anonymous said...

This blog is really cool! Thanks CO and Steve!