Saturday, December 13, 2014

2 Christmas week storms, many possibilities

The details remain very sketchy, but it's becoming more obvious that our quiet weather pattern in the Carolinas has a little less than one week remaining.

As I wrote on Friday, the long-range guidance continues to show a pair of storm systems crossing the United States on Christmas week. The first system will affect the Carolinas next Saturday and Sunday, with the second storm arriving sometime around (or immediately after) Christmas.

There are a couple possibilities for the first storm, but none of them involve snow in the Charlotte area.

The system is forecast to enter the West Coast, but that's where the computer models differ. One possibility is for the storm to be fairly strong and curve northward across western Tennessee, western Kentucky, and into the Great Lakes. That would be a rain-maker for the Carolinas.

Another scenario would have the system weakening as it moves eastward, bringing only showers to the Charlotte area. The Global computer model favors that possibility.

And a third scenario would send a strong storm system across the Deep South, bringing a cold rain to the Charlotte area and snow to the mountains. There even could be snow along and north of the Interstate 40 corridor.

The first storm could set the table for a better chance of wintry weather in the Carolinas with the second system. It would leave a layer of snow on the ground in the Midwest, which means colder air would funnel into the Carolinas.

Christmas Fun Stuff ... As you dig for your wallet to pay for those Christmas gifts, you might be interested to know that Carolinas' residents are among the nation's leaders big spenders.

The website WalletHub reported it studied spending, debt levels and personal belongings, and it ranked South Carolinas 11th and North Carolina 13th among the big spenders in the country.

Biggest spenders during this holiday season are in Mississippi, followed by Idaho, New Mexico, Florida and Utah in the top five. The thriftiest people, according to WalletHub, live in the District of Columbia. Ranking 47th through 50th are Maryland, California, Massachusetts and New York.


Anonymous said...

So basically the most liberal states, who insist that the rest of us pay taxes through the nose to support their nanny states, are the cheapest.

As if we didn't already know.

Anonymous said...

My daughter lives in DC and considering that the cost of living is 40-50% higher than Charlotte, being thrifty is relative. Thrifty is a one bedroom basement apartment for $1800 per month instead of the $2500 decent apartment...

And she pays plenty of tax too-

StormzaBrewing said...

anon@11:34am, If you were ever motivated to actually read and learn,you'd find out that traditionally Blue states pay more in Federal taxes than they receive back in aid. Coincidentally, traditionally Red states are the lazy, bloodsucking states that rely on the welfare of the liberals.

Don't you just hate those pesky facts?

Anonymous said...

Dear StormzaBrewing the you are light about the facts but the problem is the Red States can't read or understand the facts or what we might call statistics!

Unknown said...

Neither one of you have any facts to back up what you believe. We need resources. Come on my English teacher in high school would never accept such random statements. Does anyone know what a footnote or a reference is anymore. Come on people, If you are going to make a comment, at least have something to back it up besides your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, blue states are the lazy, feminine, parasitical, morally perverse states that rely on the work and handouts of the conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Blue states may pay more Federal taxes because they love to tax everything that moves or stands still. There is no such thing as "taxes are too high" in blue states.

Anonymous said...

Storms? What storms? This was all hype.

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