Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finally ... dry weather

It is coming a few days later than expected, but it appears as if an extended period of dry weather is coming to the Carolinas.

It will start this weekend with some beautiful conditions, but by later next week, our Charlotte-area weather will turn very summer-like.

I mentioned last week that some of the long-range computer models were hinting that our seemingly endless run of wet weather would be replaced by drier and rather warm conditions. That was supposed to have happened sometime around now.

Instead, it looks as if we'll have another shot of thunderstorms Friday, as a cold front moves through the region. But high pressure moving in behind the front will dry things out.

Saturday's weather figures to be pretty nice, with highs in the mid 80s. Sunday might be a degree or two cooler, and humidity levels will be quite low.

The forecast next week, when Carolinas children return to school?  It figures -- traditional summer weather will arrive.

For the first time that I can remember all summer, we'll see a big high pressure ridge establish itself across all of the South.  That will suppress precipitation chances and bring an extended string of clear days.

Meteorologists expect a week of dry and mostly clear weather.  Temperatures early in the week will be in the low and mid 80s for high temperatures, but we're expected to be near 90 by later in the week.

Meanwhile, the tropics continue to be quiet.  There's no sign of tropical storm development, and we're now moving into the height of the season.  If activity doesn't pick up soon, it might be time to revisit all those forecasts about a busy tropical weather season.


Anonymous said...

That means no rain for the Charlotte 49ers' first football game! Heck yeah.

Bocello said...

Great news! Finally things can dry out, and we can remove the green mildew, vines, and jungle bushes that have proliferated during this wet streak. I hope we don't see another drop of rain until November.