Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Waiting for cold air? It's coming next week

The mountains are likely to get a full dose of wintry weather Thursday afternoon and evening, with heavy snow expected to fall for several hours.

That's great news for the ski resort operators and their customers, as the 3 to 6 inches of snow will set the stage for a fun weekend. It's certainly welcome news to those folks, especially after last weekend's spring-like conditions.

Lower elevations, such as Charlotte, will get rain from Thursday's storm, although we'll be seeing a brief shot of winter-like weather next week.

After the storm passes Thursday, it looks like we'll have generally dry and seasonal conditions Friday through Sunday, with highs in the upper 40s Friday and the mid 50s Saturday and Sunday. But a pair of cold fronts will cross the region late Sunday and Monday, and when all that has been completed, an arctic air mass will be the controlling factor in our weather.

Despite full sunshine, we'll be lucky to reach 40 degrees Tuesday afternoon in Charlotte. Morning lows Tuesday might be in the teens.

It'll be cold (mid 40s) again Wednesday, but it appears as if the cold air will be a short-lived event.  High temperatures are forecast to be back in the mid 50s Thursday and Friday.

Meteorologists have been talking for weeks about sudden stratospheric warming at the north polar region, and the eventual displacement of bitterly cold air into Canada and the United States. Some of that very cold air has arrived in the United States, but it's been bottled in the northern part of the country.

When the cold air has tried to poke into the Southeast, it's been short-lived.  Looking ahead into early February, it looks like that pattern will continue.  That doesn't mean we can't get snow, sleet or freezing rain. The storm responsible for mountain snow Thursday will be working with only marginally cold air. But the short-lived cold air intrusions are good news to those who don't like winter.


Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for kids who live in this area. We use to always have min. Of one good snow storms back when we were kids, can remember it snowing every weds. For 3 weeks one year. Sad our climate has been ruined with global warming.

Cold Globe said...

Climate is ruined by jet stream pattern, not "global warming." If the jet stream ever dips low, the cold will be back. And those big snows in the 60's were abnormal then, as they would be now. Ask Canadians and Europeans why "global warming" doesn't apply there.

Anonymous said...

Well said Cold Globe. Hey anonymous, did you know that global warming is a scheme by the globalists including their minion cockroach "Al Gore-leoni" to implement a carbon tax. So, basically they want to tax you for breathing. And btw, the "republicrats" are just as disgusting as the "demopublicans".

Anonymous said...

your blog posts are horrible. You do little research and post only your opinions instead of facts.

Freezing Cold Globe said...

Research = opinion.

Bill said...

Continually shocked at the level of ignorance that pervades in Charlotte regarding climate change. Apparently, science and facts are too difficult for comprehension, so they resort to making up crackpot conspiracy theories.

Cold Globe: all of the data from around the world is showing a significant rise in temperatures. But, the data may be a little hard to read since your cranium is firmly ensconced in your zona columnaris.

Anonymous said...

Global Warming = Crock Science. You mean we are to believe 150 years worth of weather data for a planet that is thousands of years old. Really? How often are your decisions that are based on 6% of data correct?

Well then again you might be the NY medium and everything you say is correct.

Bill said...

Crock science? Another flippant statement with no factual data or studies to support it.

Of course, your argument is well-defined by you describing the earth as 'thousands of years old'.

Anonymous said...

So Bill - do you have a secret resource of weather data older than 150 years? If so I would love to see it as well as all the other Global warming nuts out there.

BTW I have not see anything you posted as factual or informative other than your inability to see past your nose.

Frozen Globe said...

Bill, you come across as an angry man. If you were not so nasty and snide with your remarks, you might be taken seriously. You seem to have a personal hatred towards anyone who does not believe as you do, and you do not demonstrate any tolerance toward those you disagree with.

Anonymous said...

Bill, reality may be a little hard for you to comprehend since your bullet head is firmly shoved in Uranus.