Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heat, not storms are big problem today

We forgot that this was summer, and we were in the South.

After experiencing an August that was downright balmy by Carolinas standards, we're suddenly back in more typical weather for the Labor Day weekend.

We've been talking about the remnants of Hurricane Isaac, and thunderstorms, and all that ... but I think the heat and humidity will be the big story today.

It's a big day for college football, the Matthews Alive parade begins at 10 a.m., and of course, it's the first day of activities for the Democratic National Convention.

Drink plenty of water.

Temperatures likely will soar into the lower 90s today, and don't be surprised to see a few 95-degree readings around. In fact, today could be the hottest day in Charlotte since we had a 96-degree high back on August 2. The dew point temperature, a reading of the humidity, is near 70 degrees, and that's very steamy.

So if you're planning to be outdoors for any length of time Saturday, make sure you stay hydrated.

As for the thunderstorm chances ... they're increasing today. The remnants of Isaac are beginning to curve eastward, from Missouri and Illinois into Indiana and Ohio. As that happens, the moisture will begin to widen southward. Meteorologists don't expect the atmosphere to become very unstable today, but there'll be more instability than Friday.

The bottom line ... there'll be a few thunderstorms by late afternoon and evening, but mostly in the foothills.

Looking ahead to Sunday ... figure on an even higher chance of showers and storms, and the unsettled weather will continue into Monday.

While lightning is always a threat to people who are outdoors, the biggest headache with our stormy weather Sunday and Monday will be heavy rain.  There won't be much of a steering current in the atmosphere, so the storms will be slow-moving.  The moisture content in the atmosphere will be very high. That means heavy rain could fall in a short period of time.

It's even possible to see a few brief flash flooding episodes, especially later Sunday and Monday.


Anonymous said...

National Weather Service real forecast calls for a 40% of showers and thundershowers Sunday evening and Monday. Around 1/2 inch of rain is possible.
Nothing about "heavy rain, flash flooding", or other hyped nonsense.

Notorious L.E.V. said...

That's just great....dirty hippies baking in their tents...we'll be able to smell them all the way up here in Lake Norman >:(

Anonymous said...

"Heat, not storms are big problem today"

I don't think it was the heat that knocked the power out at my office.

Oldilocks said...

"Heat, not storms are big problem today"

Correct grammar are big problem too.

Anonymous said...

And how about the incorrect punctuation? We should, at least, tell them how to write it correctly.

Heat, not storms, is the big problem today."

Or..the shortened "headline version": "Heat, not storms, is big problem today."

But, what else would you expect from our "world-class" newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my bad on the typo.

I left out the first quotation mark on, "Heat, not storms, is the big problem today."

Oldilocks said...

Re: And how about the incorrect punctuation? We should, at least, tell them how to write it correctly.

I didn't want to overwhelm them. ;-)