Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great forecast for Easter ... and Easter break

Putting a lot of faith in a forecast 10 days away is a bit risky, but there seems to be agreement among meteorologists that the Charlotte region will enjoy a warm and dry Easter this year.

And the news is good for the many Charlotte-area students who will be on spring break next week. The run of May-like weather is forecast to continue all the way through Easter weekend.

We're in need of rain, but there isn't a sign of a major rain-producing system in our forecast for at least the next 10 days. A cold front will cross the region late Tuesday, and that might trigger some thunderstorms, but the rest of the forecast is dry.

First, for Easter.

Dry conditions are likely, and forecast highs are 82 degrees from Accu-Weather and 78 degrees from the Weather Channel. NOAA's long-range forecast for that period calls for above-average temperatures, but that's nothing new. We've been basking in very warm conditions for months.

The only sticky point comes from a few computer models that indicate a back-door cold front could push into the area from the north, on the day before Easter. Accu-Weather takes stock in that, calling for a high of 69 degrees a week from Saturday. The Weather Channel ignores it, with a predicted high of 76.

So it's probably safe to plan on nice weather.

If you're off next week, prepare to have a good time. Forecast highs are in the low 80s early next week, falling back a bit to the mid 70s on Wednesday and Thursday after a weak cold front comes through.

A sad note: If you've ever been in an area which uses Pennsylvania-based Accu-Weather for its forecasts (WBT is a client here in Charlotte), you undoubtedly heard Ken Reeves give the forecast from time to time.

Reeves was with Accu-Weather for 29 years, and by all accounts, he was a friendly, helpful meteorologist and a good human being.

Reeves, 50, was killed Sunday in a freak accident at his Pennsylvania home. Accu-Weather officials say he was on the roof of his house, taking down Christmas lights, when he fell. Our prayers and condolences go to his family and the fine folks at Accu-Weather.


Michael Procton said...

Umm...he was taking down Christmas lights? In late March?

Anonymous said...

WCNC's Brad Panicovich has been hyping below normal highs for Easter weekend. Of course he ALWAYS forecasts the most extreme - and is usually dead wrong.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you with the exact same post again, jdshaw.