Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wet night coming, but weekend should be OK

A rather vigorous low pressure system is expected to swing across the Carolinas later tonight and early Friday, and it will mean a rainy overnight period.

The rain might extend into the early part of Friday morning's commute.

But if your weekend plans include some outdoor activities -- football, for example -- the rain should be long-gone before the first kickoff. It will be chilly, however, and it could be breezy for the high school games Friday night.

The low pressure system predicted to move eastward -- somewhere near the N.C.-S.C. line -- overnight is rather interesting.

The computer models hint that moist air will surge into the area near the center of the low overnight. Coupled with rising air near the low, that could trigger a few overnight thunderstorms. At this time of year, overnight storms that form near strong low pressure systems need to be watched.

Either way, a good drenching is likely tonight, and most areas will get a half-inch or more.

The rain should end by mid-morning Friday, and a few peeks of sunshine are possible before sunset.

Don't look for temperatures to climb much Friday, after overnight lows in the lower 50s. Highs probably won't get much above the mid 50s.

Saturday and Sunday look to be mostly clear and cool, with daytime highs in the upper 50s and lows in the mid 30s.


Anonymous said...

wet night? good grief.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the wife will be wet too that night ...

Anonymous said...

She will be if she is with me.