Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Think this is bad? Try Texas!

You had to feel sorry for the Texas Longhorn baseball team when it lost 3-0 Monday to North Carolina at the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

It's bad enough, being eliminated from the tournament with a second loss.

But then the Longhorns had to go back to Austin. Normally, that's a treat, because Austin is among the nation's greatest cities. But the weather in south central Texas has been absolutely abysmal since mid-May.

Actually, it's been very, very dry in that area since last year, but hot temperatures have combined with drought conditions to make life a bit uncomfortable in Austin and San Antonio.

The last measurable rain at San Antonio International Airport fell May 12, and it was May 20 since the last rain at Austin's Mabry Airport. That streak could come to an end later Tuesday or Wednesday, as a weak Pacific cold front moves into the area. But a return to dry and hot weather is expected later in the week.

It has not been record-dry conditions for that part of Texas. The National Weather Service says Austin had a 65-day dry streak in summer 1993, and Del Rio, along the border, went 87 days on two occasions. San Antonio's record is 63 days.

But when you add in the heat (especially for June), the conditions really become oppressive.

The reporting station at Austin's Mabry Airport has recorded 16 days of 100 degrees or hotter. The average for the entire summer there is 12. San Antonio and Del Rio also have surpassed their annual averages. And it's only the first day of summer, technically. July and August (and September) await.

All of this, of course, is the result, of upper level atmospheric patterns.

La Nina conditions steered storm systems north of Texas during the winter, adding to drought conditions that already existed. This spring, high pressure has been persistent over Texas. Once again, storm systems have been steered in other directions.

All of this evens out, eventually.

We've had droughts before, and we'll have them again in the Carolinas. But looking at Texas' conditions reminds me of life around here in 1986 and 2007, when temperatures climbed above 100 degrees several times and rainfall was scarce.

It's ugly and depressing. Let's hope Texas gets some rain soon.


POKEMON said...

NICE…. ^_^v…..

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Danny O-K said...

I think this article helped us! We got a lot of rain last night in San Antonio!

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