Monday, December 13, 2010

Freezing rain might be on horizon

The worst thing about the latest outbreak of cold weather (I say "worst" for those who don't like these conditions) is that it apparently won't leave soon.

And this time, it could come with some added complications, in the form of frozen precipitation for the Charlotte area.

The immediate concern in the Charlotte area is cold weather and strong winds, but meteorologists are watching a system which could cross the region late Wednesday or Thursday. The last few times a storm system moved into our area, temperatures moderated above freezing, and the precipitation fell as rain.

This time, it will be a closer call.

Temperatures are expected to be below freezing when the precipitation arrives Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. For now, forecasters think this will be a weak low pressure system, which means light precipitation.

But it likely will start as snow or sleet, then change over to freezing rain for a while before turning to rain later Thursday morning. National Weather Service meteorologists have been referring to the system as a "nuisance" storm, which means sleet and icing problems are not expected to be big.

Thursday's system could be more of a headache along the Interstate 40 corridor (that means you, Hickory and Statesville!), where temperatures might not get above freezing until later in the day. That would give more time for ice and sleet to accumulate.

Yet another system could develop Sunday. Brad Panovich, chief meteorologist at WCNC-TV, the Observer's news partner, says that storm could produce a swath of snow as it moves from the Gulf of Mexico to the East Coast. Areas to the northwest of the low pressure system's center would get the snow.

It's far too early to get a good reading on the track of the low, but stay tuned.

Computer models paint a cold picture for the Charlotte area until Christmas. Some forecasts indicate we won't see 50 degrees for the next 12 to 14 day, and there could be another freezing rain threat around Christmas Eve.

If you're one of those people who's been yelling for cold weather, so you'd get in the holiday spirit, I hope you're happy.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm happy! When it's cold, you can always throw another layer on. When it's hot, there's only so much you can take off without scaring people - or, in my case, violating several health codes.

And I'll be even more happy if it snows. We just went to the grocery store yesterday so we won't need any bread or milk this weekend. So bring on the snow!!!! I'll sit here chuckling at all the panicked people rushing for bread and milk, and shake my head in sadness at the outbreak of wrecks from people who don't know you are supposed to stop driving 80 mph when there is water, snow or ice on the road.

John said...

I'd love it too if it weren't for the fact that our local snow removal equipment seems to consist of a few old ladies with brooms and that Southerners seem to think four-wheel-drive means business as usual on ice! Oh well, at least the body shops will be rolling in dough for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Most of the drivers on the roads here are transplanted Yankees, and are bad to spin out their SUV's on I-485 whenever the roads are not dry.

On another note, it would be stupid to spend large amounts of money on snow removal equipment that isn't needed even once a year.

Anonymous said... does seem pretty stupid to buy a bunch of snow removal equipment when we average an event a year. Feel free to go home to your fleet of snow removal equipment...I assure you that you will not be missed.

Anonymous said...

Idiots who want a cold Christmas must be dumb Yankees. The whole "White Christmas" thing is highly overrated. Here in the South it means people can't get to their loved ones. A White Christmas is a ruined Christmas. Give me a bright sunny Christmas any day. Fact: That idiotic song was written by a warm, comfy songwriter staying in a Los Angeles hotel.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna make the call that this is going to be the coldest December on record.

Anonymous said...

Umm..... we're ALL Yankees. The North WON that war many years ago....


Anonymous said...

Wow eight comments, including this one, and the global warming is a hoax tin foil hat type has yet to make a comment.

Anonymous said...

Please remind anyone who has outside dogs or cats to please make sure they have a place to stay warm and have plenty of fresh, not frozen water. Mine are inside pets, but I worry about those who have no comfort in this kind of weather. Doghouses, blankets and extra food insures they have some warmth.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the North won, but did they purge the South and recolonize? No.

Anonymous said...

I swear it don't matter what the topic, there's some jokers that have to bring Obama into it, and if that isn't enough, you want to re-hash the entire civil war.


That stands for What Would Jesus Drive?

I see him in a sensible mid-size, cloth seats, 4 cylinder, like a Toyota Corolla.

Debate that, but don't try and tell me Jesus would drive no Chevy.

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